The Supercal 739

The Supercal 739

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Compact heat meter Supercal 739

Supercal 739 compact heat meter, as single jet flow sensor and as coaxial multi-jet flow sensor with various connections.

The Supercal 739 compact heat meter follows on from the successful Supercal 539 compact heat meter. Sontex has not only comprehensively enhanced the new Supercal 739, but also integrated an array of new functions and added new versions. Its excellent price-performance ratio has been improved once again.

The Supercal 739 is a compact heat meter to measure heating and cooling energy in a wide field of applications in home automation and can be easily integrated into a variety of configurations thanks to Sontex system technology.

The Supercal 739 is available with single jet flow sensor and coaxial multi-jet flow sensor for Ista(G2B) or Allmess(M77x1.5) connections for flows qp 0.6; qp 1.5 and qp 2.5 m³/h.

The Supercal 739 compact heat meter meets the requirements of the European Directive MID 2014/32/EU and the standard EN 1434 class 3.

It has also been type approved by PTB Germany for cooling applications and can be ordered for heating or cooling applications with the according approval.

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