Superstatic 449

Superstatic 449

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By adopting a compact design for domestic applications, the Superstatic 449 offers the same great performance from the Superstatic 440 in a smaller design. This meter enjoys the same flexibility on communication modules and power supplies and is supplied with the same MID Class 2 Approval. The Superstatic 449 can also be programmed to suit glycol and antifreeze applications as it uses the Fluid Oscillation measuring principle. 

The design of Integrator is similar to the Supercal 531 which means there is the same options available in terms of power supply and communication modules. The meter can be supplied in a Mains 230vac, 24vac or 24vdc version or a D-Cell Battery can be fitted to provide an internal power supply for a more remote installation. 

One main difference between the Superstatic 449 and its larger counterpart is that one of the temperature sensors is built into the meter body itself, removing some of the usual installation required and saving space as well. This is all part of the design for a more compact meter style. The Integrator for the 449 meter is mounted on the meter body as standard, with the option of using the same bracket to mount the meter directly to a wall or on a DIN rail.

The 449 Meter is available as a QP1.5 15mm, QP1.5 20mm and QP2.5 20mm Heat Meter model and size. The QP Rating mentioned is the nominal flow rate in m3/hr that each meter size can measure up to.


Compliance - MID Class 2, RHI Compliant

Connection Size - 15-20mm

Connection Type - Screwed Connection

Temperature - Cooling, Heating, Heating & Cooling

Training - DMSTeach Available

Power Supply - 230Vac Mains Powered, 24Vac Mains Powered, 24Vdc Mains Powered, Battery Powered

Communication Outputs - M-Bus, MODBus, Pulsed, Radio

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